Pass your Driving Standards Agency exams with IDT

There are three separate DSA exams: Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3. You take Part 2 after you pass Part 1 and Part 3 once you’ve successfully completed Parts 1 & 2:

Our DSA Part 1 Training

We’ll enhance your existing driving theory by:

  • Providing you with our Home Study Course which can be adapted to fit in with your lifestyle:
  • Enhancing your driving theory knowledge and hazard perception skills
  • Regular postal answer marking at one of our Training Administration Centres
  • Providing access to our personal telephone Helpline

The Part 1 examination can be taken locally and includes a 100-question ‘multiple choice’ exam and a Hazard Perception Test.

Our DSA Part 2 Training

We’ll develop your driving skills to the required standard. Here’s what we offer:

  • Training sessions to suit your personal circumstances
  • One-to-one sessions with a dedicated personal trainer
  • Several timed sessions with built-in break to allow for practice.

The Part 2 examination is based on the standard Learner Driver Test but is marked to a higher standard. The exam lasts 60 minutes.

Our DSA Part 3 Training

We’ll develop your skills as a teacher by providing 40 hours of basic one-to-one training. To succeed at this exam you’ll need to identify student faults, work out why the fault happened and offer a corrective remedy.

“The Part 3 training was realistic and gave a good grounding before the actual test.”

Stuart, IDT Driving Instructor

Nationwide driving school IDT provide 40 hours of combined DSA Part 2 and Part 3 basic one-to-one training.

The Part 3 examination – the examiner acts as a student and you’re required to teach them as if they were one of your students. The examiner makes their assessment on your performance.

Start training to become a driving instructor today!

…..if you’d like nationwide driving school IDT to support you to pass the DSA Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 examinations.

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